Local moving

Are you in New Jersey and looking for movers? Call up the Movers of Westfield! We’ll

provide you high quality moving services at unbeatable rates. We have helped families

move into their new homes over the course of many years. Try talking with one of our

consultants today and see what we can do for you to make moving day easier on you and

your family.

Long Distance

The Movers of Westfield team strives to make your long distance move easier to

handle overall. We are a trusted name in the business and are very proud of our hard

working employees that will coordinate with you throughout your move to ensure that it is

completed on time with no issues.


Interstate moves are obviously more difficult than regular moves. The Movers of

Westfield starts out by surveying your shipment and discussing your needs and

expectations to make a custom moving plan to maximize your value. Throughout the whole

move you will always stay informed and any questions you have about the progress will be

answered promptly through phone.


The Movers of Westfield have moving services made specifically to help commercial

business relocate. Our project managers will be present throughout the project to make

sure that your customized moving plan is carried out properly and kept on schedule. We

have helped several businesses move and no matter how difficult the move, we are ready to

step up and take on the challenge.


The Movers of Westfield is a dedicated company that has helped several families move

into their new homes. We provide a detailed array of services which can cover all the

aspects of your move. Services like packing, storing and transporting so you have the

option to let us handle everything. We also offer custom plans to address and specific

concerns you may have.

Office Relocation

Movers of Westfield provides high quality office relocation services that can cater to all

types of budgets as well as cover challenging office moves. The initial step is to discuss

expectations and find out about any unique needs your move requires. We then formulate

the ideal moving plan based on your needs and what we believe to be the most effective

solution for you. Our movers have been properly trained in packing, storing, handling, and

disposing of office supplies and materials.

Art & Antique

Movers of Westfield have services made to handle the shipment of highly valued art

pieces and antiques. We have high standards when it comes to the safety and handling of

precious items. You can rest easy when you as we provide a high quality moving experience

to ensure your belongings are given the necessary care to ship them safely and on time.

Piano Moving

If you have a piano to move Movers of Westfield are more than happy to accommodate

you. We use equipment made keep pianos safe and stays free from damage. We are ready

to take on difficult moves and our years of experience moving all types of pianos from all

types are places have made us ready to handle anything you can throw at us.

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