Moving Major Appliances The Right Way

All Westfield moving companies will insist that you prepare all your major appliances ahead

of time before moving day arrives. Many moving companies offer professional service that will

properly pack up your appliances for you for a price. They’ll save you time and make sure all

your appliances are packed up properly and arrive in good working condition in your new home.

It might not seem like a complicated task but if you don’t pack up your appliances properly,

they may not work when you arrive in your new home. If you choose to pack it up on your own,

here’s a step by step guide you can follow:

1. For all your major appliances, check out the instruction manual for moving instructions. If

you can’t find them, check out the manufacturer’s website to view an online copy.


2. Make sure to unplug the refrigerators a minimum of 24 hours before moving day. Throw

away an perishables and defrost the freezer. Make sure all surfaces of the refrigerators

are dry and clean so that you avoid mold and mildew. Take out all the racks and secure

them in a separate container making sure they don’t shift during the move. If your fridge

has an ice maker, take out the waterline and drain it completely.


3. Stoves should be cleaned thoroughly. Remove all of the racks and keep them in a

secure place. For gas stoves, make sure the gas is switched off before disconnecting

the line. Gas lines are fragile so you must exercise caution. If you don’t feel comfortable

doing this, you can call up your gas company and ask for help. Once that’s done, tape

down all of the knobs and other moving pieces to make sure nothing moves or gets lost

during your move.


4. All dishwashers need to emptied out and all removable parts like racks must be packed

separately. Make sure the door is sealed with tape.

Washer dryers

5. These units need special handling. Take out all of the hoses and pack them in separate

containers. Make sure you fill up voids and gaps with packing popcorn. Make sure the

washer’s drum is secure.


6. All appliances must be unplugged. Secure them all on the using packing tape. Make

sure none of the cords are dangling and coming loose.

7. Make sure all doors and lids on all appliances are kept shut. Use packing tape if you

need to.

With a few exceptions, most of these steps aren’t too difficult and will only require time and

patience. For more moving advice, ask your moving company for tips and help on how

to move major appliances on your own.

It can take some time but you should be able to do everything on your own. Be sure not to rush

or you risk causing damage or even breaking your appliances. Don’t forget to properly label

the boxes your appliances are in so that your Westfield movers will be able to easily distinguish

them from your other belongings.

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